Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The First Birthday

On January 18th 2013 our little, or not so little, guy turned one!

A big milestone for him but seemingly an even bigger one for us.
We made it. Done. Complete. Our very first year as parents. We feel we did ok. He is still here and he is thriving so we must be doing something right!

It's possibly the most exhilarating year of our lives so far. So many changes in such a short amount of time! Changes in us as people, changes in our relationship and the biggest changes came in the form of our boy. He changes on the weekly. I find it hard to keep up sometimes!
I just get over the excitement of him doing a "first" only to be followed in quick succession for his next "first".

So the first birthday party was a big affair, although we didn't go all out and hire entertainment such as clowns, jumping castles and the like! Whats the point? He wouldn't remember it anyway and there is plenty of years to come for that sort of thing.
(Sidebar to this - it is amazing what some parents will do to have "the best" first birthday!!)

So we planned a BBQ lunch in our local playground within our estate. It is a very cool playground, with a big pirate ship/fort. We invited people who had been in our lives for the past year and who had be integral parts of Malachi's life so far. We had 45 adults and 20 children in attendance.
I made the Lion cake from a kids cake recipe book that mum had when I was a child. It took me hours! But I was rather proud of my efforts in the end. The Lion worked well into the Jungle theme we had gone with.

It went off quite well. A couple of hitches at the start - a dirty BBQ and not being quite ready before guests arrived, but nothing really goes smoothly or to plan with a 1 year old. A hitch later on in the day where we ran out of beer! Eeek! You would be mistaken in thinking this party was for an adult or something!

All in all a great time was had by all, especially the birthday boy, who was well and truly spoiled!