Thursday, December 1, 2011

7 weeks then we will hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet!

This weeks marks 33 weeks of our pregnancy.
I honestly can not believe how fast it is going by, soon we will have a little baby in our arms, scarily exciting!

A couple of weeks ago my mum and girlfriend threw a baby shower for me. It was a lovely day! Nothing was missed. Mum had made sure we had everything for it. Food, drinks, decorations and good company. The works really!
We started at about 2pm and went through till about 4.30pm. Sarah had a couple of games organised so we played them. One was guessing the Weight, Sex and Birthday of Baby Dunne. I have a record of that now and will award the closest guess. The other was a guess the celebrity and their children game, which I must say was rather tough for me, I obviously do not read enough gossip magazines!
I got to open some wonderful gifts that will come in so handy when Baby Dunne arrives! We were lucky enough to get everything from Cotton wool balls, nappies and creams to a wonderful baby carrier and Oioi nappy bag, which is very luxurious, and everything in between like clothes and a few toys.
We were very spoiled!
Beautiful Table decorations by Mum 

My wonderful mother! Love you mum xx
Sarah - Party Planner extraordinaire

My Sister - Sarah

Lovely cousin and pregnancy go to person - Kylie

The two preggies - Emma

Baby has been very busy. I get a lot of movements these days. I am starting to be able to tell that baby is running out of room in there because I get a lot of very sharp kicks and movements that hurt a little as they hit nerves and other odd areas. Baby also gets the hiccups regularly which is an interesting feeling!

We had a scan last week as my placenta had been low-lying and the doctor wanted to check that it had moved before it got too late in the pregnancy.
Everything was all great. Baby is head down and ready to go!
The most special part of this scan was the little face we got to see and meet. It really bought home to us how close we really are.
Our smiley Baby Dunne