Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Dunne's first video

Some people have been asking for ultrasound pictures from our recent 20 week scan, but they didn't really give us a good one. So Del finally managed to get the video into You Tube for me! I am shocking at getting this sort of thing to work! 

So here it is! There is sound but it is quite quiet so you may have to have the sound up a little bit to hear the sonographer talking. 

Baby's First Video

For those of you that are not really into watching ultrasound, I suggest you do not click the link.



Monday, September 5, 2011

Half way through and there 3 months.

This week marked the halfway point of my pregnancy and also our first 3 months in our house!

It is truly amazing how time flies by so fast! I often find myself asking the question "how do we get it to slow down a little bit?" - when I figure out the answer I will be sure to let you know. 
I always look back and think how slowly time went while I was at school. How we wished and wished that it would hurry up and be the holidays, or that we were finishing school, or that I was older and here I am now asking for it to slow down.

Three months in the house has seen a few changes, like the furniture I posted about previously. We also got concrete for our driveway and side paths, something that I never thought I would be so happy about! It has reduced the dirt inside the house by a huge amount! I have also arranged for quotes for the window furnishings to be done, so that is the next item on the list for us to do. From a Porter Davis point of view, we have a 3 month "health check" of the house to be done by their maintenance men. So over the last while we have been keeping a list of any things that need fixing and adjusting within the house to be presented at the meeting with maintenance.
This morning we had the maintenance man come out and go over all the spots we thought needed sorting out, he pretty much agreed with all of them which is great so they will be done in the next few weeks apparently! Our list was fairly small I think because he was very accommodating with our cabinets above the fridge issue and agreed to have his guys take them down for us. Small wins! 

On Tuesday we had our 20 week scan. It all went well and I am going to try to post some video of it for those who would like to see, for others you may not and that is fine. 
The baby wouldn’t wake up for the scan at first and it was in the wrong position for a photo so the technician made me drink really cold water (3 glasses and quickly, so you can imagine my bladder after that!), eat something containing sugar and jump up and down to get it to move it into a better position, which it did and then paid me back for the wake up call for the rest of the day with kicks to my bladder! 
I also, had to have a blood test yesterday as my nephews had the “Slapped Cheek” virus which is in the family of scarlet fever and rubella. 
They will test me again in two weeks and see if the antibodies in my blood have changed at all. If they have, they will monitor the baby with ultrasound for the next 5 months and make sure there is no excess fluid build up or any type of anaemia, which is treatable. It is not detrimental to the cognitive health or development of the baby, which is good to know, just a little bit stressful for me for a day or so! 

That's about all the news we have for this week.


The new driveway

At 20 weeks Pregnant
P.S Video of baby would not work for me so I will save it till next time when Del can work it out for me!