Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Roof, The Roof, The Roofers are on fire!

It's all moving along so fast these days! Each time we visit it's hard to believe what we are seeing!
So since my last post our roofers has been working hard at it and completed out roof! Yay! We love the colour so one less colour worry down! 
It is really quite amazing, considering the amount of rain we have had of late, that anything has been done at all! Just look at our moat! There's proof right there. 

The Moat
Derek and I were in there the other day and I was just thinking is it going to be big enough? It looks so small when you are looking at it without walls and it is just planks of wood stuck together and windows jammed in large spaces. The roof seems to make it feel darker as well. Not so light and breezy as before. But people have been assuring us that once the plaster and things are in it will feel much bigger and very different. Derek very much scolded me for thinking that too! "It's 35 squares Ams, don't be ridiculous!"

Last week the plumbers had been through and roughed in the plumbing for us. So my lovely little bro Dan came down to use his expertise as a plumber and point out to us where certain things are NQR! 
There was a list, albeit luckily for us not a large one. There was one major, major item that had been stuffed up on though! In our butlers pantry (ehh yay! I love saying "my butlers pantry" I feel so aristocratic!) we had PD put in the plumbing provisions for a sink. I do not know yet if I actually want one in there, so we plumbed it up anyway in case I do down the track. So Dan went in and stood there staring for a minute, I was like "what's wrong?", at which he informed me we have no waste outlet (drain) for the sink. There is hot and cold taps but no waste! Massive "UH OH"! All drainage, sewage, grey water points go in before the slab is laid. This one did not. Not good for PD, whom I informed of this yesterday, as now they will have bore a hole in the slab to put in the waste, apparently this is a rather large and expensive job which needs doing before bricking up.
It was lucky that we discovered this now as it could have been a horrendous mess had it been figured out any further down the line.    

You will also notice in the below pictures, that the windows have been installed on the second level and we have been wrapped up with insulation to keep us warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

In my conversation with our super site supervisor yesterday, I let him know about our plumbing wishlist. Whilst he let me know that our bricks were being delivered this week, although due to the Christmas break nothing will be started in the bricking department till around mid January.
Slightly nervous about bricks sitting around for that long, then again, it technically isn't my money that will be wasted if they grow legs and walk off. I just hope they don't get pinched, as we don't want two colours of bricks used if they have to replace them out of a different batch in the new year.

This will be my last post for the year so Derek and I would like to wish all our avid readers, family and friends and very Merry Christmas along with a safe and happy New Year!
We hope you visit our blog next year for more adventures of building our dream home!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  

Nollaig Shona Duit


Amy and Del

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stories of Trusses and Gutters

Very short one today.

Just really wanted to update the photos as we have now recived Trusses for the roof line and guttering around the second story.. Oh yeah, and we have a second story! Yay! 
The windows are all in on the ground floor now too.
It is just flying up so fast! Our guys are really putting the hard yards! 10 days between the Slab invoice and the Frame invoice! Some one is looking forward to their holidays!
Off to a Christmas party tonight.. I imagine all these Christmas parties that I have coming up are going to hamper my lurking efforts at the house! But then again.. where there is a will there is a way! Stay tuned for more updates and pics..

Over and Out


Second story done, Trusses waiting to be put up.

Front door frame has been put in
Scaff has arrived and been put up 
Trusses are up, although it's difficult to see them
Windows added

Guttering added
Beloved admiring his sliding door on his Theatre room