Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Waiting Game

Its been nearly a month since my last post. Sorry for that, but there really hasn't been that much happening!
Alas, this post will be a short quick one merely stating a couple of facts and to show that I havent forgotten about you all!

In the last month we have pretty much been just... waiting.. waiting... waiting and ahhh waiting.
We have been waiting for the following:-
  • The bank to come up with the full approval on the cashola they are going to lend us. This is still a work in progress. We are pretty much there now, but just waiting for the mortgage insurers to do their thing as our deposit was just short of what the banks require. I emailed our broker last night and apparently that should be in this morning and we will be good to go and on the money.
  • The developer to approve our styles and colours, gardening plans and building plans. That came up trumps last week! Woo hoo no changes to be made! We have good taste obviously!
  • Building approval and certs from the council. Once we have all these we are ready, setty, goee!

Something else interesting that we discovered last weekend was that we have water! Yay! South East Water have attached our front garden taps ready to go! We have fresh water and recycled water taps ready and waiting to be used. It was tempting to go down with a hose and hose the dirt, seeing as we are already paying for it all, but I refrained from looking like a complete tool in front of my new neighbours! I have photos of the taps on my camera, just incase you have forgotten what garden taps look like. I will post them in my next update.

Our street is nearly full of houses now (for the part of the street that is completed anyway, there is a section that is not finished and is in another stage to ours), there is only about 5 or 6 blocks left including ours that have not started building yet. Though I am fairly sure on our side of the street we are the last ones left to start building.

Our neighbour on the left (when you face the property), is Robbie, he is living in his house already and our neighbours on the right, we dont know them yet, they are nearly at lock up! Poor them they will have our construction noises early in the morning! At least when we move in most construction noise will be over and we will have a quiet little street.

We are so looking forward to seeing our house! Its so hard to imagine us in it because we physically can't see it yet! I am already mentally shopping for it all the time and working out budgets so we can buy everything we need and want when we have the keys!

I send Derek links to online shopping websites all the time and drive him nuts I am sure..but hey I now know where all the online bargains are! For homely bargains see me!

Ribeda ribeda that's all folks!