Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happiness and Joy..

Today was the first day I really felt the movements in my belly.

They weren't "those" types of movements either! They were movements that I have been waiting for, for the last 18 weeks, they are the movements that really confirm and set in stone about how my and our life is going to change in the very near future.
They have been explained to me as feeling like a butterfly flapping its wings in my belly, but to me its more like someone flicking me gently with a forefinger and thumb...maybe it is a boy?

Yes I am pregnant! And yes I am happy about it! (Why do people ask you that question?)

I discovered my pregnancy way back in mid May. I was 4 days late and thought my body was out of whack, which it was, but not in the way I had originally thought.
That day I was heading into work early and my husband was sleeping in as he had booked in for his driving license test that day. I figured it wouldn't hurt to do a test seeing as there was one in the cupboard. There I was sitting there with baited breathe to watch the two little pink lines come up.!
At first I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, or if it was really real. I figured I would shower and get ready for work whilst letting it sink in and get my head around it before I woke Del.
I suppose it was the most surreal thing to have happened to me so far in my life, and I imagine that it might possibly win the race against all the surreal things that might happen to me over my life in the future.
I was lost in feelings and emotions straight away.
I went in and woke Del and told him. He repeated over and over "Oh my god, oh my god" I had to ask him to stop saying it! He was making me feel frightened that he wasn't happy! Of course he was, albeit a little surprised.

So we managed to keep it quiet for the 3 months, but not without suspicions from those closest around us.
It was exciting so was hard to keep the lid on it!

I think when you get passed those first 12-13 weeks you realise just how extremely lucky you are. These little lives are so precious and fragile. We knew, once we were there, that we had to be the luckiest people around and we have not forgotten that all the way through. Every time I go to complain about a symptom I just remember all the people who never to got to where I am and I make sure to remember that I am lucky to feel as crappy as I do, or as tired or sore as I do. I am a lucky one. I am a blessed one. I thank the stars every day for that privilege.

I wanted to post a picture of my "bump" and I had my friend take a couple of me this afternoon, but they didn't come out as well as I had hoped and I just look pudgy rather than pregnant! We both blamed it on the top I am wearing (not the chocolate obsession I have had of late). So I will try again when I have something different on.

So yes, this blog is changing, as we are, each day.

The reason for this post today though, is because of my best friend and it is mostly for her also. 
Last week she got notification that she would receive her first little boy. An adopted Filipino child. 
The things that her and her husband have had to endure to try to have their own child and then to go on and adopt a child has been roller coaster ride that has included many a painful experience that bought a tear to my eye and many to theirs. But they fought through all the barriers, all the emotional and physical pains, all the red tape and bureaucracy to get to this point where they can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and the little boy that is to be their future. To continue to persevere through the heartache, pain and suffering along the way only proves to me that they are the most deserving and determined couple to become parents and rightly so.

Congratulations J&C! Nobody in the world deserves this as much as you do right now. We love you both and can't wait to meet/see our little "nephew".

Joy and happiness is in our house, I hope it is in yours too.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Moving in, sorting out and changing around

Yes yes.. I know....Slacker!
Things have been busy and times have been changing since the house was finished, so apologies for the delay in getting this post out.

You may have noticed that I have changed the title of my blog. The reason for this is that this blog will not just detail the story of the house and building of it, but also the story of our lives within its walls. 

So to recap, I will start back at the end of May around move in time.

The 26th of May was settlement day. We got up at mums after our last night of sleeping there, had a little breakfast then head off to our 9am meeting at the Porter Davis Offices. It was the weirdest thing ever really. One minute we didn't have a house the next minute we did! It was literally go through and sign a couple of forms then we were given the keys and that was it! DONE! It only took about half an hour!
So we headed back to mums to get things packed into the trailer so we could spend our first night in our new home.

We go to the house and it had started pouring with rain so we had to get everything off the trailer as quick as possible so it wouldn't get saturated! Spent the rest of the day unpacking and getting things organised in the house as much as possible. It was freezing that first night as our heating wasn't working yet and we had no TV so it was an early night to bed for us that first night.
Derek on our first night in the house - we had to sit on camp chairs!

The next morning I had the heating people come and fix the heating which was great! Warmth!
Some family friends came over to have a look and measure up for a gate that we were wanting built and also to show where we wanted the bathroom accessories hung on the walls.
Mum and I did a couple of trips to the storage unit and got what boxes we could carry and load into the car then unpacked them back at the house.
On Saturday morning we got up early and headed down to the Thrifty rental place to collect our moving van for the day. First stop was mum and dads to collect everything we had left there. My brother met us there and gave us a hand to get everything onto the truck and trailer. Then we went to the house to unload that and the boys set off to the storage unit to clear that out. 
We spent all day organising the house! It was exhausting, but we had so many helpers and we are so thankful for them!

Since that weekend, we have just plodded along doing bits and pieces. We received all our furniture that we had ordered back at Christmas time, in June. So that was fun to unwrap and put together and set up! here are some pics. (Quality is not great as they are off my phone)

New lights over the bench

Family Room

Lounge Room

Lounge Room

Theatre Room
That is about it for now really! I will have another post for you soon though so stay tuned!