Friday, November 19, 2010

Clickety clicks we have some pick up sticks!

We have wood that has been nailed together by the hand of many a man;
It gives shape to our dream of a building big on our little land;
But it resembles that of pick up sticks;
We can't help to keep looking at it just for kicks;
Seems the supervisor was telling us the truth;
Now its our turn to give you the proof;
Through it though the breeze can still flow;
As you can see in the pictures below.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Its in cement now...

On Friday 12th November, I was again husband-less as he was off gallivanting with work colleagues. So instead of heading straight home and getting into the wine too early, I thought I would swing by the now-scraped and piped dirt to see if any thing had happened in the days since we had last visited.

We knew that the proposed date for the slab laying had been the 10th November and we had been down the Monday before and noticed the supplies there and waiting, indicating that it was only a matter of time before we would be well and truly cemented in.

True to their word I arrived to see to a grey mass covering our plot! Yippee! We were cemented!
I got to have a quick walk around it and a look before the storm came on in and rained down on me! Note amazing pictures of sunny storms! Always an interesting sight!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Colour Selection for Bathrooms and Kitchen

Cupboards - White Hi-Gloss Vinyl Wrap
Benchtops - Caesar Stone "Osprey" and Laminex "Rock Salt"
Splashback - "Toffee Fingers"

Wall Tiles - Sandstone colour
Floor tiles - Mocha colour
Benchtops - Caesar Stone "Latte"
Cuboards - Formica "Fini Chocolate"
Features - Pebble - master ensuite shower only, Stackstone - Under mirrors (not shown here)

Magical visions in the last week

View pictures from bottom to top

Materials for the slab have been delivered

Land has been scraped and the Porta-loo and pipes are in

Monday, November 8, 2010

There was movement at the station for the word had got around...

that there had been people at our block moving dirt around!

Yep you heard it right! We have movement YAY! We also have a porta-loo and a rubbish bin made out of temporary fencing! Woop Woop!

Last weekend as we were on our way to Sarah's 30th - Happy Birthday Sarah! (Although she doesn't read the blog I still like to send the shout out)
We popped into the estate for a quick drive around with Mum and Dad only to find a big yellow digger! I did not think I could ever be excited about dirt moving machinery but there you have it folks.. I was excited!
The fact that there was a digger has now made me want to go down there every day to see what has happened next.
Being Cup week I had figured with the public holiday being on the Tuesday, that most tradies would not be around on the Monday to do anything. Little did I know that the dirt moving and toilet delivering fairies were working their magic over out little piece of silt!
Curious to see it again, the digger I mean, I popped down again on my way home from work on Wednesday to find that the land had been scraped in preparation for a slab and the loo had been delivered. I was overjoyed and marveled at this vision for about 20 minutes, especially seeing as it was completely unexpected. Sad I know.

Del had not been with me at the a fore mentioned visit as he was off being wined and dined by Google, so on Friday evening he wanted to go there on our way home again. To quote the sticker "MAGIC HAPPENS"! It really does!
We rubbed our eyes to make sure we were seeing clearly because we had PIPES! Pipes people! Oh what a wonderful sight! Again with the sad..yeah yeah! But PIPES! Drainage pipes! (I am doing a little chair dance as I write this because I am so excited!)

We walked all over the house imagining the rooms and making sure our delightful pipes were in the correct places, (because we are so down with building houses and we know everything there is to know) as far as we could tell anyway.
Del made sure the porta-loo was in full working order, we can not have tradies not being able to pay their penny now can we?
Then we set off home for a celebratory wine and a high five that our dream was under way!

In other news, we have had a phone conversation with our Site Supervisor, Michael. Seems like a nice chappy so far. He told me to save his number in my phone and welcomed me to call him any time with questions. Poor guy obviously does not know me yet and may live to regret his invitation to call him! So far I have no questions so he is in the clear for now.

We have also visited some furniture stores recently to have abit of a look around around at couches. Just mainly to see what we will be up for in having to purchase 3 new sofa suites so I can budget aptly.
We popped into Plush and found 3 suites we really really like. We spoke to the woman there for a good 45 minutes about designs, materials, sizing and pricing. She was extremely helpful and informed us that we can purchase in the Christmas sales and they can make to order then store our order in the warehouse until we are ready to have it delivered! What great news and great service!
We took home all our information and mulled over it for a week or so. Then popped into a different Plush store had a chat to the fella there and he gave us a quote of what he could do for us, seemed reasonable, and was the same deal with ordering, storing and delivering. I am getting fairly excited at this point as we are drawing nearer to settling on the couches!
We looked in a few other furniture stores, as many as I could get Del into with the promise of a Chocolate Sundae after, and we kept coming back to the Plush suites as being the best of the bunch.
I spent last Sunday drawing up our rooms to scale and putting the couches in them, rearranging the formations, making them larger and making them smaller. All because we don't get the benefit of being able to do the old masking tape trick and marking them out on the floor in the rooms!

We have found out that the couch Del wanted to have in his Theatre room was too large for the space, but being a modular we could just take one corner off it and it will fit perfectly! The couch in the family room can be one chair larger than we thought, also being a modular it is easy fixed as we just add an extra seat to the design. Last but not least, the couches in the lounge area, I have decide that I would like a three seater and two arm chairs to sit around the fire place in!

I have photos of all the goings on of late but I just don't have them with me today :( sorry about that folks.. But I will endeavor to put them up ASAP.

Over and out for now.