Monday, October 17, 2011

27 Weeks down - 13 to go

This week marks the 27th week of our pregnancy. I say "our" because I am not in this on my own. My poor husband gets his fair share of my symptoms! The toilet stops with tossing and turning in the night, the mood swings (I am not too bad, but bad enough for me!) and the baby brain!
He has been awesome through it all! He has catered to my every whim, desire and craving. He has pre-empted my need for a Snickers on more that one occasion and he has gotten up with me if I have felt little pain twinges or the dog needing to be let out during the night so I can sleep. He has been to many a Dr visit and sat through 2.5 hours of blood tests just this weekend gone, even though I said he didn't need to and that I would be o.k. (I do not do very well with blood tests, and have been known to faint in the past)
I am so grateful to have such a wonderful and loving husband and would surely struggle without him!

Baby is growing away and each week someone tells me "whoa you have grown a lot just over the weekend!". I can not see it myself, but I do notice that my wardrobe is dwindling very quickly! Thankfully the weather is warming up as it is easier and far more comfortable to be in long maxi dresses now.
The kicks and movements get stronger day by day and I am starting to notice them more often during the night. I have also noticed patterns of how and when they happen. Like on the train the in the morning after breakfast or after I have eaten something sugary. I love to lay in bed quietly on the weekend before my two boys wake up (Del and the dog - Oscar) and watch the baby move around and kick in my belly. It's quite strange to watch but also comforting at the same time. I have tried to video it a couple of times, but every time I do baby stops moving! I love watching Del watch it too. The wonderment in his eyes and his excitement thrill me! He will be such a wonderful Dad! He is reading stories and talking to baby as if it was already here!

We have nearly completed the Nursery. A visit to Ikea and some online shopping done and it is coming together in a Baby Jungle Animals theme.

I have no real complaints other than heartburn and indigestion after nearly every meal and when I lay down at night, but that is nothing that a Rennie or a bottle of Mylanta by the bed can't fix! The hay fever season is kicking in and for me that is a struggle most years even being able to take something for it. This year I am unable to take anything that I know of at this stage, so will have to suffer through that. These would be my worst complaints really and by no means are they really that terrible in the scheme of things.

The time is going so quickly, it is hard to believe I am now in my third Trimester! Before we know it, it will be Christmas and then baby's arrival will sneak up on us in the weeks after!

Talk soon

Amy x
Me at 26 weeks - with a silly grin and all!