Saturday, November 3, 2012

The importance of January 18, 2012

On Tuesday the 17th January around lunchtime something happened, something changed. In my belly I could feel a niggle of excitement spark.
I was standing at the bench and thought I need to go to the bathroom. I had 'the show'. (For those who are not sure what this means perhaps google in your own time...fellas I suggest you avoid it, it might be a bit....TMI for you!)
I rang mum to confirm my thoughts and then Derek. I said for him not to come home as it could be the start of labour, but then again it still could be a few days or weeks even!
When he arrived home that evening Derek suggested we head off to bed early "just in case". I think there was a little spark of excitement in his belly also, but neither of us wanted to say just incase it wasn't to be.
By 11.30pm my contractions started. Derek was still asleep and I was coping ok so I didn't wake him for about 2 hours. By that stage I was up and down walking around to try to stifle the pain, although I was coping it was uncomfortable.
We called the hospital and they told me to call them and let them know when I felt ready to come in.
By 3.30am my contractions had started to come in closer together and were about a minute apart, so we decided it was time to go into hospital.
As soon as we arrived and were settled into our room and they started monitoring me my contractions slowed back to 5 minute intervals. I guess I was starting to panic at home and the anxiety may have revved them up, so as soon as I felt and comfortable again they slowed.
We spent all night with contractions at 5 mins apart and got little sleep.
At 9am the midwife, Rev, bought me down to the birthing suite. I started on gas. At first I didn't really like it but got used to it after awhile and then no one could pry that tube from my hands for hell nor high water!
My OB came into see me, I was only 2cms dilated after a whole night of contractions. So on it went. By about midday I was getting tired and sore. I wasn't coping as well with the contractions and the gas was no longer working out for me. I was crying when Rev wasn't around and was playing tough when she was there, so when Derek went to tell her I needed something stronger she told him I had to ask for it... The next time she came back it was obvious that I wasnt taking things very well, so in came the pethadine! AMAZING! I was high as a kite!! Lovely feeling ha ha ha. I said some hilarious things to Derek that is for sure!
My OB came in around lunch again and I was still only about 4cms dilated! She said she would be back at 4pm. By then I wanted the epidural! So in came the anaesthetist. At 4 my OB was back and there was still not much change so she broke my waters and gave me a hormone to increase my contractions in an effort to turn the baby, who was posterior, which was causing there to be not enough pressure to move down and dilate. She left me again and said she would be back at 9pm. I think I got a little sleep here and there now that there was no pain and I couldn't move anyway!
At 9pm she was back and there was still no change.  At this point she told me that I had to have an emergency Caesarean. I went to a little bit of shock and got frightened. I am totally freaked out by the whole being awake in theatre thing! The idea of hearing the "utensil" sounds weirded me out completely. I was reassured that they would talk loudly and try to cover all the sounds for me. With the shock my teeth were chattering so badly the whole time from then on. So I was prepped for theatre and was in there by 9.30pm. It took some time to get my epidural right as I was still feeling things so they didnt bring Derek in till all of that was sorted. My new midwife was there, Natasha, and was my new bestie! She was so beautiful in trying to calm me down, she stroked my hair and talked to me, so lovely and reassuring and then Derek was bought in so that helped me too. By 10pm my baby boy was shown to me! A BOY! I could not quite believe it! I had totally thought I was having a girl! But it did not matter he was beautiful. Del and I were both in tears as we touched and kissed our baby for the very first time. Purely amazing. My greatest achievement in my life so far.

Malachi William Dunne born 10pm 18th January 2012. Weighing in at 9lb 5oz. A beautiful baby boy.

Our Joy. Our World. Our Life.