Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Calm and Serenit-ised.

Hi All,

A fair bit has been happening really. Issues from previous posts have been resolved, to an extent that both parties are happy with, and I am feeling the serenity at the moment (With house building that is....on other levels not so serenit-ised, but the calm is coming there too!)
Joy. Wonderous joy... lets hope it lasts.

So now we are at full lock up stage. This brings us the good and the bad.
Good: no one can steal (as much) from our build site and slow it down.
Bad: We can't get in anymore and we definitely would not make good thief's as we are terrible at even trying to break in! (joke)

Completed Items Checklist

  • Kitchen benches and cupboards installed - Check (although, one cupboard is still missing a door. Not sure what is going on there!)
  • Pretty much all of the painting is completed at this stage, just touch ups towards the end now - Check
  • Tiles are in in the laundry, en suite, powder and bathroom - Check (They look awesome I might add)
  • Doors are painted and hung - Check
  • Garage roof on and tiled - Check
  • render started - Half-a-check
So we are getting there now. We had a meeting with Mr. Construction Manager on Monday morning. He seems to be a pretty good bloke who likes a good ol'chat!
He had all good news for us, which was rather pleasing and we are heading for a finish around the first or second week of May, provided the smooth travelling continues on for the next month. Mr. CM told us that he is booking everything in now and we will have a pre-PCI in a couple of weeks.
This is where we go over the house with him with a fine tooth comb and pick out anything we are unhappy with. He then goes back to the tradies and has them tidy up all the issues. Once completed we have the "real" PCI and double check again. Hopefully that one supersedes our expectations and we can go for occupancy certificate and then settlement, once we are ultimately happy.
Mr. CM seems to be pretty keen to please, which both amuses us and eases our minds.

We have two jobs to do for him at the moment. The first one being; pick a new door handle. Unfortunately due to the door we have chosen, what we had originally planned to use, a pull handle, will not work. I am disappointed but Mr. CM explained the reasons behind this and it all made sense, especially seeing as we would like a securely locking house! Apparently, we should have been told this at colours.. well whaddya know! I am sure everyone remembers the saga we had at had a colours with her, F the F'n... well you know...no need to repeat myself is there?
Anyway, because Mr. CM is awesome, he has told us to email him which handle/lock we want to put on and he will ring Bowens Hardware and tell them we will come in directly to pick it up and get it at the PD price, then we will give it to him and he will have his carpenter put it on for us. Sweet. I think this also saves him and our lovely CSC some paperwork, leaving everyone happy.
The second job is; removal of spare bricks. We can have as many as we want we just have to move them out of our garage so the plasterers can come in and plaster the ceiling of the garage and the door can be installed. So that will be tonight's job, lugging bricks down to the backyard for use later on. 

We are starting to get excited and nervous now! We are also trying to come to terms with the fact that we have to move out of mum and dads and re-learn how to run a household, cook, clean and talk to each other again. We have been pretty spoilt over the last while, so it WILL be tough!

Last week was also a special week for us. We celebrated our first year of marriage! We spoiled each other with a gift and D spoiled me by booking a hotel over night in the city and going to a lovely asian-fusion themed restaurant for dinner. Just lovely and we could not be happier!

Some images for your viewing pleasure


En Suite


Feature wall in his room

Feature wall in her room

Abhorrent front door colour

The anniversary drinks